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Finally Shot at the Salt Lake and obsessed!!

What is a totally normal thing to do on a Tuesday afternoon? Drive up to the Great Salt Lake to take beautiful photos of course! After the long journey to pick up the dress, two different bouquets, we finally made it. A quick change in the car and a camera around my neck and we headed out!

Although the gorgeous pictures were so worth it, the bugs that attacked us as we made our way to different scenes got annoying. With my completely accurate bug identifying skills I determined they were just gnats, when in fact they were mosquitoes. The bug bites that I found following this shoot have helped me learn about new fascinating cures to itching, but that's for another blog post!

All the pictures were so worth the 48084 mi walk to the lake, and the algae filled water was the highlight of the shoot! Playing around with direct sunlight this shoot was my favorite part of the whole trip. Making Celeste look like an angel, the light literally made the images glow!

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