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Corona Del Mar Maternity Shoot

This simple and cute maternity shoot was so simple & sweet yet so beautiful. The lighting was perfect on the Corona Del Mar beach in December as this sweet mama & her husband took photos to capture the moment of their first baby & first pregnancy.

The perfect lighting and the perfect haze made for the cutest shots with the best golden hour light I could have asked for. I say this every time I go to a shoot but I always get the sweetest people and they always make it so easy. My couples are the best. Can't wait to see their baby when they come earth side!

Detail shots of the belly are some of my favorites, they are artsy but also so meaningful because once that baby comes out that belly won't be the same pregnancy ever again. It's simple and special.

The water edge photos also turned out so cute. Hoping to get the cute houses in the background we created a beach town look!

Beach maternity shoots are making me baby hungry! All my mamas out there don't forget to get maternity photos taken, I promise you, you won't regret it!

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