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He was a skater boy, buuut she also was a skater girl

These two cuties messaged me and said they wanted to bring their long boards, and I've never said absolutely yes faster! Just because you have kids doesn't mean you can't still be the cool parents. I absolutely love these two and the chemistry they have, you can tell that these two adore each other.

They rocked every thing I asked them to do even when we had to wait a couple times for swarms of people on a busy beach boardwalk, but I'd say the waiting was worth it. Some of these shots are just too fun!

We also tried a couple artsy shots to get the skater vibes.

Then they did an outfit change and we went & got some shots over on the beach and rocks, the lighting situations were both so different but I love when my albums have sunny shots and then the shaded light that is so even. This anniversary shoot was an absolute dream and all the photos show their young love so cute!

Also side note: I'm pretty sure whoever designed the beaches life guard stations along most of the California coasts was a woman. They are SO cute & it's either that or a man in touch with his feminine side because I've seen some that are bright red and made of metal and not cute. So thank you to whoever I owe that too, I literally love the look of the blue lifeguard stations!

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